Frequently Asked Questions

What is an art entertainment studio?


Great question! An art entertainment studio is a place where you can have fun with family and friends making art. The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable; it’s a safe place to try something new while having fun..


Do I need to make reservations?


Nope, Walk-ins are welcome during open hours. However, Reservations are recommended for large groups and at peak times. Call 336-888-8990 to make your reservations today. 

How can I “make art” when I can’t even draw a straight line?


Distractions has several art projects with varying levels of skill from no talent required to more challenging. Our staff is available to answer questions, give instructions, or offer suggestions when and if you need or want assistance. Every piece is a unique masterpiece!


What can I expect when I visit Distractions?


First, you can expect to have a good time with friends and family!

Each participant pays a $6 studio fee for up to 2 hours of painting ($3 for each add'l hour) or can join Easily Distracted to get up to 3 hours of studio time daily for 3 months and 10% off all projects.


Explore all the art project possibilities and choose one. Each project price is clearly displayed. Some projects can be taken home the same day. Projects that require kiln firing, such as ceramics, must be picked up a few days later or shipped.

Does everyone in my party need to choose the same type of project?

Each of you choose whatever project you find interesting,. Unlike other studios where everyone is designing the same board art or same canvas painting, you can choose whatever project appeals to you.

Can I bring in outside food or drinks?

Yes! You are welcome to bring in your own drinks and food. We respectfully request that you dispose of your trash. 

Can I book a special event or birthday party?

Distractions offers a variety of party options. While we don’t have a designated party room, we are able to set aside our loft or section of the studio for your group. After hours events can be arranged as well. Please visit our party/event page for more details.

Can I use the ceramic dishware and glassware I painted?

You sure can! All of our ceramic paints are non-toxic and food safe. Your completed ceramic pieces are both dishwasher and microwave safe. The painted glassware can be used once the paint is baked onto the glass. Hand washing is recommended. You will receive easy to follow instructions for baking your glassware at home.

What if I’m visiting from out of town and can’t pick up my art project that needs to be fired in the kiln?

Not a problem! We’re happy to arrange shipping of your project(s) at a reasonable rate.

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